Our shuttle will pick your child up from school and bring them back to the AAC for homework help and STEM enrichment.
 LEGO Robotics, Computer Programming, Engineering Challenges, Circuits, and so much more!  Our trained teachers will provide homework help for the students so you don't have to worry when they get home, and instead, can enjoy your time with your kids at the end of your tiring day.  As they finish their homework, students will choose one of the many STEM enrichment activities available to them. By the time parents pick their kids up at 5:30, their homework will be done and they'll have worked on some amazing projects!
We service the following schools. Parent dropoffs are an excellent option if you do not see your child's school or do not see the desired day of pickup.
  • Adams - Wednesdays

  • Buena Vista - Mondays (waitlist only), Wednesdays (waitlist only), and Friday

  • Camas Ridge - Tuesdays (waitlist only) and Thursdays

  • Charlemagne - Fridays 

  • Chinese Immersion - Tuesdays (waitlist only) and Thursdays (waitlist only)

  • Edgewood - Tuesdays (waitlist only) and Thursdays 

  • Edison - Tuesdays (waitlist only) and Thursdays (waitlist only)

  • Family School - Mondays and Fridays

  • Gilham - Mondays (waitlist only), Wednesdays (waitlist only), and Fridays

  • O'Hara - Wednesdays

  • Willagillespie - Mondays (waitlist only) and Fridays 

  • Other - Any other school, please mark "Other" on the registration form for dropoff option


A sample day on the shuttle:
  • Arrival - Put away belongings, grab a snack, get out homework (if any)

  • 3:30 - Academic study time - quietly working on coding projects, homework, reading, or selected STEM puzzles

  • 4:00 - Snack break

  • 4:15 - Group STEM Enrichment Activity

  • 4:45 -Student Choice STEM Activity


Sample STEM Activities:
LEGO Mindstorms
Coding with Python in Minecraft
Typing and Typing for Code
Snap Circuits
ThinkFun Brand STEM puzzles

Enrichment at the AAC is not a childcare program, and the AAC is not a childcare center. 
  • The cost starts at $30/day from after school until 5:30.
  • The homework help and enrichment at the AAC is an academic success program, which provides students an opportunity to immerse themselves into STEM enrichment classes and grow in areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math.   
  • The AAC STEM Shuttle will not be available for pickup on no-school days and vacations.  
  • If your child's school does not appear on the list below or the day of service does not work for you, we are reserving a few spots each day for "drop off students." If you're interested please fill out the form below and indicate "drop off".

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