Summer Overview

We have something for everyone this summer, no matter age, interests or abilities.

Start with our Summer Camps. We offer a wide variety of full or half day, week-long camps designed to both challenge and entertain kids of all ages.  Looking for something more specialized? Sign up for one of our specialty camps.  The camps are taught in smaller groups, with specific skills and goals like programming, architecture, writing, and art.  Finally, we offer LEGO Robotics classes all summer long. LEGO WeDo sets will introduce robot building and coding to younger ages. Older kids will use Mindstorms kits to build more intricate robots and get a little deeper into programming.

Below are the recommended ages for our camps. If you have any specific questions about ages please contact us to see if the class or camp is appropriate.

Main Camp Ages: 6-11

WeDo Ages: 6-8

Mindstorm Ages: 9-11

Beginner Programming: 6-8

Python Programming: 9-11 (must have typing experience)

Camp and Class Details

Here's a guide to how we operate our camps and classes.


The two main goals for each of our camps and classes is to challenge the students and to keep things fun.  The grid below shows a rundown of our camps and classes. There are age recommendations included. These age ranges give our instructors a chance to keep every student entertained but also keep the material appropriate. Within each age range, our camps are designed to make it easy for our instructors to accommodate and tailor activities to the specific age and skill of each student.  If your child is interested in a camp or class but is outside of the age range, please contact us to see if it's possible for them to join.

Summer Schedule

Check out the table below to see how our classes and camps line up. For more detail about each camp or class, please click the red boxes below.


Students can mix and match camps and classes within a single week. For instance, if they are interested in a main camp and a LEGO Robotics camp for the same week, then they can sign up for half-day for the main camp as well as the specific Robotics camp that week. They can hang out for lunch in between the two to make it a full day experience.


Main Camp Cost: 1/2 Day (9:00-Noon or Noon-3:00) $160, Full-Day $260 (supply fees may be added for certain camps)

Robotics Cost (limited to 8 kids): 9:00-Noon or 12:30-3:30, $195

Programming Camp Cost (limited to 8 kids): 9:00-Noon or 12:30-3:30, $195

Before Care Cost: 8:00-9:00, $50

After Care Cost: 3:00-5:00, $100




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