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Our program
Time Per Session: 45 min per session, twice a week
We use the Orton-Gillingham inspired system, The Barton Reading and Spelling Program.  This is a research-based program and is widely recognized as one of the only research-proven methods in effectively helping students with dyslexia.  With this program, we have been able to achieve results that help students learn the skills and abilities that will aid them for a lifetime. 
How it works
The instruction is one-to-one and Barton recommends 2 session of tutoring each week. Research shows this is the amount of time needed to help close the achievement gap and to fully implement the learning program.  Since we meet with students individually, each lesson is customized in pace so that the student's best interest is in mind.  We interact with the parents as the sessions proceed to communicate areas of success and those that need improvement, as well as what can be done at home to support their child.
In each session, the students will work through a sequence of reading and spelling concepts of increasing difficulty. The concepts and work are taught using all of the senses so that all areas of the student's brain are being activated.  We assess the students throughout our sessions to ensure mastery of the concepts and provide an opportunity for relearning if necessary. Each concept builds off of the previous one, so the ability to show mastery by the student is critical.
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