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1-to-1 In-Person Tutoring
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45-minute sessions

Recommended time per week: 1.5-3.0 hours to see huge improvements, quickly
Perfect for students that need to catch up in the areas of math, reading, writing, or anything else they may need help with. We use very effective curricula, such as Corrective Math, Corrective Reading, and Reading Mastery, that assess and address student needs.  Our tutors incorporate these curricula with their natural teaching and motivational abilities.  Our 1-1 tutors can also help students with current homework assignments/concepts, studying for tests, and organizational tools.

1-to-1 Online Tutoring
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45-minute sessions

Recommended time per week: 1.0-3.0 hours to see huge improvements, quickly
Since mid-March we have shifted most tutoring sessions to online. We have moved all of our curriculum online and run the sessions using Google Meet, our uploaded pdfs, and an online whiteboard. Some students have excelled in the sessions using our corrective reading, writing and math curriculum, while others have received help with their daily homework assignments. Families have found our tutors a phenomenal source of help while their students are out of school.
3-1 Tutoring
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45-minute sessions
Recommended time per week: 1-3 sessions per week
Some students that need help with current homework assignments might fit into our 3-1 tutoring sessions. A tutor will rotate between, at most, 3 students as they work independently on assignments. The tutor will help the students get started on the assignment, provide feedback, and answer any questions the student may have. Perfect for students that understand some of their homework but need occasional help and support. Can be used for STEM Tutoring also (see below).

STEM Tutoring
45-minute sessions
Recommended time per week: 1-3 Sessions per week
While we are not offering summer camps this year, we are excited to launch STEM tutoring. Our Coding and robotics experts will meet with student(s) and coach them through robotics and/or coding projects.  Groups of 1-4 students may sign up together.  Students should be at similar age and ability levels as they will be working on projects together.  Our tutor will reach out to you prior to the first session to set up a learning plan and expectations for the students' time here. Please fill out the form below if you're interested.
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