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Welcome to Academic Success--Welcome to the Academic Achievement Center

Whether your third grader is struggling with reading or your high schooler is in need of more challenging material to keep their interest, we get it: School can be a difficult road to navigate. Increased class sizes mean that teachers can't always tailor lesson plans to individual students--and the classroom itself can often be too distracting of an environment for real learning to take place.

When you're struggling to help your child survive as a student, you yourself might start to feel like you're drowning.

But wait: There's hope. We're here to throw you a lifeline--and to help your student thrive, not just survive.

Four years ago, three teachers experienced a need in today's educational environment while in the classroom: to further challenge students, personalize and enrich their learning, and help instill invaluable study skills. These teachers envisioned a high-quality environment for supplemental education--and that vision became the Academic Achievemen

t Center in Eugene.

At AAC, we understand the importance of your child's academic success. We are professional educators with inside perspective on both the private and public school systems in Oregon and beyond. We have hands-on experience in classroom environments--and we understand the limitations that exist in even the best academic institutions.

Moreover, from our founders to our tutors, many of us are parents ourselves. We understand on a deeply personal level that you want your student to be as successful as possible.

Building on our unique perspective as both educators and parents, we created the Academic Achievement Center to fill in the gaps that block many students from realizing their true potential. We believe there is a real solution to every problem your child faces in the classroom--and the solution is waiting at the intersection of school, home, and our tutoring center.

Each student to walk through our doors benefits from a personalized success plan, one tailored to their individual needs. Our professional assessments pinpoint your child's academic strengths and weaknesses, in such a way that allows us to show you where they are at in their journey. Is your middle schooler struggling in math, for example? Our assessment provides a visual breakdown of your child's mastery, partial mastery, and non-mastery of grade-appropriate mathematical standards. This allows us to create a path forward that specifically addresses the learning standards your student is struggling with. We can identify gaps in reading, decoding, comprehension, math, spelling, writing, and more.

We implement an impressive variety of proven curricula, all of which have been formulated by professional educators and researchers. These include Reading Mastery, Corrective Reading (Decoding and Comprehension), Corrective Math, Spelling Mastery, and Expressive Writing. Our tutors undergo extensive training in each program, which means we can guarantee that our tutoring sessions yield measurable results. We offer additional assessments that map out your student's progress, allowing you to see how far they have come in a given subject. We use these assessments to further refine your child's success plan--and we often see our students go from needing remedial tutoring to being ready for advanced enrichment as a result of our program.

Founded four years ago by three local teachers, AAC is a small business with big dreams. We're an invested part of the Eugene community, with just one location on Lincoln Street--but what a location it is! We have individual classrooms that provide a quiet, focused environment; an expansive art room where we teach sewing, life drawing, painting, and more; a LEGO room that doubles as our STEM center, providing students with a dynamic way to learn such skills as coding and animation; a prize wall where students can cash in points earned during sessions; and so much more.

Like many of the locally-owned-and-operated businesses in and around Eugene, we are a one-of-a-kind gem committed to making our community as vibrant as it can be. We accomplish this by empowering our youth to succeed on their individual journeys--and by empowering parents like you with the tools you need to help your kids.

From remedial tutoring to SAT prep, STEM enrichment to art classes, one-on-one sessions to summer camps, there is something for every student at AAC.

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