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STEM: An After-School Program That Helps Your Child Grow

As the fall semester approaches, many parents are searching for an after-school program in the Eugene/Springfield area. Maybe it's to bridge the gap between the end of the school day and the work day; maybe it's to provide extracurricular enrichment that the typical classroom can't; or perhaps you just want to be sure your student has a dedicated space to knock out their homework so that they can focus on family time at home. Whatever the reason, our STEM program is an outstanding option that fosters academic growth through engaging activities.

After-School Program = Enrichment Opportunity

Many after-school programs are essentially babysitting services that provide a safe place for your child to be until you can pick them up. At AAC, we take a very different approach: We provide enrichment in critical areas like science, technology, engineering, and math. Through exciting LEGO challenges, computer coding, art projects, science experiments, and more, we ensure that kids are always learning and growing when they're with us. Much of what we teach compliments what your student has been learning in school, while other activities provide an opportunity to study new material in a hands-on environment.

No Grades = No Pressure

A key aspect of our STEM program is a focus on fun. Students get to participate in challenges and explore new areas of learning, without worrying about getting something "wrong" as they experiment. Unlike a traditional classroom where grades increase the pressure to perform, our STEM program encourages growth through trial and error.

Our experienced tutors are always on hand to provide guidance and to keep frustration at bay--and we also know when to let kids get the hang of something for themselves. This unique approach fosters confidence, independent thought, and problem-solving skills. When they don't have to worry about succeeding at a new activity immediately or "performing" for a teacher, you'd be amazed at the way young students suddenly take an interest in science or technology.

Supervised Homework Time + After-School Program = More Family Focus

Even in elementary school, children these days bring home an alarming amount of homework. Often it's easy enough for them to do at this stage--but when do they have the time?

Many parents come to us needing help with time management for their students. The homework is not particularly difficult in these situations, but it takes a big chunk out of the precious time that could be spent with family.

Our after-school program is a perfect solution: When your child arrives at the AAC, they will have a dedicated block of homework time before they get to do enrichment activities. This time is supervised, so you can rest assured that your student really is completing any assignments they have coming up.

As an added bonus, we do offer one-on-one tutoring for students in the STEM program for an additional fee. If you feel your child would benefit from this, give us a call so we can incorporate that into their after-school program plan.

Unique Activities = New Interests

Does your child dread math even in the third grade? Do you have a capable student who just isn't interested in certain subjects?

Our after-school program provides an opportunity to approach subjects like math in non-traditional ways. We use stop-motion animation, architectural challenges, Minecraft coding, technological games, and so much more to encourage students to explore concepts that might otherwise seem dry or difficult. Everything we do has an underlying educational focus, so students learn even as they play.

We find that many of our students don't want to go home at the end of the day because they are having so much fun--all while solving math problems or working on engineering projects!

After-School Shuttle = Happy Parents

Our STEM shuttle serves a number of schools in the Eugene area. Our drivers have had extensive background checks and work as tutors at the AAC, so your student will have a familiar face to look for when school is over. The shuttle brings students to our location in Downtown Eugene, where they then get started on homework and enrichment activities.

Student safety is one of our priorities, so we always contact the school or parent if a student does not come directly to our designated pick-up area at their school. This means you can rest easy knowing that your student is where they are supposed to be.

If you're interested in our shuttle, you can check out our school list here: If we don't currently serve your school, you can drop your child off at the AAC to get the full benefit of our after-school program. You can also let us know if you're interested in adding your school to our list in the future!

At the Academic Achievement Center, we see every day as a chance to grow and learn. Our STEM program encourages your student to adopt the same philosophy through a dynamic approach to education. If you've got a student in elementary school, give us a call to learn more about our after-school program!

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